Good Times and Not-So-Good Eating

I’ll keep this one short today; I had a fun weekend going to a theater production and a classical symphony performance of Carmina Burana, but that also meant I had alcohol on more occasions in a weekend than I typically have in a few weeks. So, that means I’m a bit puffy (inflamed) and over last week’s weight. BUT, I will be running today after work, and I will continue to eat well again this week, so I will be back down to my new normal weight by Friday.

It’s annoying, but I don’t regret it at all. Life is for living. I am at a healthy weight/size, and although I want to weigh less, I’m still doing the right things: eat well, make our own food, and exercise (getting back to that more consistently).

Someone mentioned to me on Saturday that the reason they gain weight after losing it is because they allow themselves just a little bit here and a little bit there, and eventually, it all adds up to a lot here and a lot there and the next thing they know, they’ve gained all the weight back. It’s a slippery slope, and he said that the best thing to do is to never allow even a little bit of slip. I kind of agree with this, but as someone who has lost a large amount of weight and has managed to keep it off for three years, I can say that allowing yourself to have a good time here and there, even with foods and/or drinks that are not Paleo, is completely acceptable. It’s not something to do all the time, but as long as you get right back on that horse and keep eating well and staying away from alcohol, foods with added sugars, and grains (and all the other Paleo rules, of course), then you will be okay.

I’m still in decent territory. I want to get back in good territory, but for now, I’m okay. I continue to stick with it and move forward. It’s the best I can do, and it’s all I can expect from myself. Anything more would be unreasonable and setting myself up for failure.

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