A Weekend of Carbs

This past weekend was another National Guard Drill weekend which means I always have too many carbs. Mostly, it’s in liquid form, and this weekend was no exception. I was able to keep the food carbs limited with the exception of one evening: Saturday night’s Habitat for Humanity Fundraising Gala.

Sherry and I had a wonderful time helping to raise money for a charity we both believe in and support, and while most of the food was actually quite Paleo-friendly, the bread and dessert certainly were not. I did partake in both; they were delicious, and this was one of those “Life events” I encourage others to enjoy. And enjoy, we did!

I haven’t tallied the damage yet; I didn’t step on a scale all weekend or this morning. I will weigh myself after my run this afternoon and I’ll know how many steps backwards I took. My trousers didn’t feel too much tighter this morning, so maybe it’s not so bad. But, I did have the sweats last night, and I do feel a bit bloated. But the run will help even that out quickly.

I know I can’t drink every night, so I typically don’t. I know I can’t eat non-Paleo foods without ill effects, so I typically don’t. It’s always a good feeling to return to my normal diet after a drill weekend. I’m looking forward to eating my healthy foods this week. I can always feel the difference, especially in the mornings.

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