Keeping Up with Running

One of the more difficult things for me in the past few months has been to stay motivated to run. I’ve been averaging about one run a week, and it’s becoming clear to me that once a week is not nearly enough. I ran Monday; it is Thursday. I will run again this afternoon after work, but I’ll have to make sure to run again this weekend. The problem I have is that I have quite a busy weekend planned (well, Saturday, at least).

I have no-one to blame but myself. Sherry works out in the mornings before work, and I respect her motivation and dedication to get it done in the mornings. She also has two extra hours in the morning to get ready. I refuse to go to sleep at 7 pm (which is what I’d have to do to get the same amount of spare time in the mornings as she has). So, I just have to juggle.

The other problem is just making it a priority. I let myself slip here and there too easily. Yesterday, for example. I could have run, but I chose not to. I need to stop doing that. I’m tired of being in the 180’s. I also want to get back to eating breakfasts again.

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