Caught a Light Sneeze

Ha. Never thought I’d get to name a blog post after a Tori Amos song, yet here we are. I caught a cold of sorts on Sunday, and I spent all day yesterday sneezing with a very actively running nose. Fortunately, I was able to medicate and keep most of the symptoms at bay, but it requires me to keep taking medicine regularly. The other thing it’s doing is keeping me from running.

Considering the effects of pseudoephedrine (which is what I’m taking to dry my nasal drainage), I think it is best for me to not do any cardio right now. I’m older, and the last thing I need is for my heart to be over-exerted. So, I am sitting out running for a little bit right now. At least until I am not taking pseudoephedrine. Then, I’ll get back out there.

Oh, but there’s more.

My annual training (AT) in the National Guard starts within a week, and I will likely not be able to run regularly during that two-week period. Strange; I know. Most people think that when we’re on AT, we’re running every day, but honestly, we have so much work to do, the last thing we have time for is the luxury of exercise. We are supposed to be doing that between drills so we don’t waste time with something so basic and rudimentary. Anyone can exercise alone; we can’t practice our missions on our off-time without the appropriate equipment.

So, I caught a light sneeze and now I’m on the sidelines wishing I could be running. How weird it is.

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