Getting Ready for Oral Surgery

I have some issues that need to be worked on next week, so on Monday, I’ll be having a very unpleasant appointment at the dentist’s office to have surgery on my jaw and upper mouth. It will leave me at home for a few days of recovery (which I’m not looking forward to), and worse, will make it impossible for me to exercise and difficult for me to eat properly.

The timing is bad; I really want to get started on my new weight lifting regimen and continue to make progress on my running, but that will have to wait at least another week or so. My achille’s tendon is okay with that; it’s still sore. I also have some soreness in both my hip joints due to the way I sit at work (not healthy) and slight shin pain in my right leg, but these should be gone by next weekend. Hopefully by then, I can begin again.

As for food, I will continue with my Paleo diet. I have, however, introduced a portion of fruit with every lunch and dinner, and it seems to have helped my digestion out a lot. I haven’t weighed myself this week (uncharacteristic, I know!), but my clothes all feel better, so I know there’s progress in that area. Perhaps I’ve been eating too little in the way of calories? It’s happened to me a few times in the past where my portions got too small and I needed to increase them to lose weight. Who knows.

Anyway, I will do my best to get back into the swing of exercise after this upcoming surgery, and I will continue to eat well. I have a lot of progress to make, and I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

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