Completed First Weightlifting Workout

…and I now have spaghetti legs. The rest of me is only slightly sore, but those squats? Holy cow! That’s a serious exercise. I followed the plan perfectly and while I wasn’t nearly as sweaty as I am after a run, I’m definitely spent. I can feel the after effects of the session, and I can see why a day’s rest is so important.

I don’t feel confident in my form yet, but I enjoyed working out. I honestly did. I enjoyed it more than I like running; that’s for sure. I think it has to do with the fact that I get so bored during a run, whereas in the gym, I get to do many different things. I get to listen to music, or even watch videos on the TV! I can’t wait to be much stronger, though, and to start making some serious progress in my pull-ups. I want to be able to get back to running at some point, too. I just need to make more progress with the weights for a while.

It’s a beginning. I did it. I hit the gym, I hit the weights, and I’m on my way. The next chapter in my health and fitness journey began today.

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