Use the Energy You Need to Succeed

Right now, I’m angry. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, and I saw something I didn’t like: my stomach isn’t as firm as it has been for years. It’s not that I’ve gained a lot of weight; I haven’t really gained anything in the past year. But, for the past year, I’ve been heavier than I like. Regardless of how much effort I’ve put into getting back down into the 160’s, it just hasn’t been working.

I’m making great progress with my weightlifting, but I’m losing progress with my running due to the Achille’s heel injury (and running being incompatible with the beginning weightlifting plan I’m doing right now). So, I’m not sweating off 350-400 calories per run.

Anger. It’s fueling my discipline. I feel like a Sith because I’m embracing my anger, but it’s an energy I’m harnessing for good.

Motivation comes from energy. Whether it’s positive, whether it’s not, it’s all something you can use to make progress. Think of it as fuel for success.

I’m making sure to eat proper portion sizes (the bane of my existence lately) and I’m going to continue keep working at weightlifting and focusing on my fitness. I will eventually get back to running when the heel heals, but until them, I need to make sure I keep eating right. The anger I feel at getting soft will help get me through.

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