Third Week of Weightlifting

Yesterday was the beginning of week 3 of my weightlifting on the StrongLifts 5×5 program. So far, it’s been a really fun trip. I’m still learning and perfecting my form (I found out yesterday that my bench form and barbell row forms were not great), but at least the newbie pain is gone. Now, I get a good muscle burn when I’m done, but not nearly as bad as that first week.

I find myself actually looking forward to working out in a way I never have before, even when I was doing my most intense and best running. I never thought I’d enjoy weightlifting, but here I am. I actually wish I could do it 6 days a week, but that’s not good for you and can actually be counter-productive. So, I do light exercise on the rest days and go all-in on my workout days.

As for progress, I’m doing well. I’m making micro-increases (5 lbs/session) so I’ve done the following:

Starting: 45lbs
Current: 75lbs

Bench Press
Starting 45 lbs
Current: 60 lbs

Starting: 95 lbs
Current: 115 lbs

Overhead Press
Starting: 45 lbs
Current: 55 lbs

Barbell Row
Starting: 65 lbs
Current: 80 lbs

So, I’m no Arnold, but it’s just been two weeks. I can already feel minor changes in my arms and back, but I’ve made big progress in my strength. Lifting things has become easier already, and climbing stairs is easier now than it was when I was at the height of my running.

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