Weightlifting and Strength (Making Progress)

It’s working

I was hopeful, much like when Sherry and I started our first Whole30, that it would work, but at the same time, I was not holding out too much hope. I did weightlifting in the past, and it always left me sore and unmotivated to continue. StrongLifts 5×5 changed that, and three weeks in, I’m seeing the results.

Do I have huge arms? Of course not; it’s only been just over three weeks. But I did notice yesterday that my arms do get “Swole” after a workout. I also noticed that my squats, which are now at 100 lbs, are even easier now than when I started at 45 lbs. I add 5 lbs to every workout which has left me with 15 lbs gain every week. My bench is not huge, but my deadlift is quickly approaching my body weight, and I’m able to do it without straining or being hurt or sore afterward. That’s huge!

I’ve also noticed that I am able to carry “things” around with ease now. My own backpack for work is loaded down with an extra laptop now, and honestly, it feels just fine. I weighed it: 22 lbs. That’s not HUGE, but it is quite heavy for a normal work backpack load, yet for me, it feels perfectly fine.

If I’m doing this well after just over three weeks, I can’t wait to see where I’m at after three months, and then six months, and so-on.

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