Finding Victories

There are days when you’re hoping or expecting to make progress in one measurable metric or another (like weighing yourself on the scale, or measuring your waist) and you don’t see the results you were looking for. This is disheartening, and makes you question yourself, your dedication, the effort, and even the program itself. This is natural, and you’re not alone in this thinking. It’s also where your will, determination, and perseverance are tested. This is the moment that separates you from everyone else who tried and failed.

I find that if I don’t reach a goal in one area, I look to other areas to find victories. So I didn’t lose any weight? Well, at least my clothes all feel good. I didn’t lose any inches off my waist? Well, I’m eating better and I feel more mental clarity. My BMI is still unacceptable? That’s okay: I’m doing all the right things, and this is just a plateau. Plateaus are natural, and soon, I’ll be off of it.

What separated me from all the other people who started down their health and fitness journey when I did and failed is that I stuck with it and kept putting in the work. Putting in the work might be as simple as just continuing to food prep, to eat the right foods, and to get the exercise in. It might mean reevaluating what I’ve been doing and adjusting as necessary. Either way, I never quit.

Did I question myself? The process? The Diet? Sure. But I only let it go so far as to question whether I was properly adhering to the process and diet. If there was anything not being done right, I was pretty certain it was me. And sure enough, I either wasn’t getting enough sleep or maybe not even eating enough (did you know that not eating enough can sometimes stall your weight loss? Crazy, right!?!?!).

Find the victories. Sometimes, when you can’t find one, the most basic one will always hold true: at least you’re doing something to improve your health, get fit, and lose some weight. At least you’re an active participant in your health, and you’re not surrendering. And that’s a lot.

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