The Secret to Weight Loss Nobody Wants You To Know

There is a big secret to losing weight that nobody wants you to know. The government, the nutrition industry, the health industry, gyms and fitness companies, and definitely not the diet supplements and diet industry. It’s a secret so devastating that they spend millions of dollars to ensure you are fed misinformation to ensure you never find out. What is the secret to weight loss?

A healthy diet.

That’s all it takes. Eat meat and vegetables. Avoid foods with added sugar. Avoid grains, legumes, and artificial ingredients. Get up and move a little here and there.

If you want to get strong or make your heart and muscles healthier, then get some exercise. But if you want to lose weight, you will have to change your diet. That’s right: you WILL have to change your diet. There’s no other way.

Think about it. The way you eat got you to where you are today. If you are obese, that’s a direct result of your diet. If you are at a healthy weight, it’s also because of your diet. When it comes to our weight, we literally are what we eat. Unhealthy foods often leads to unhealthy weight.

There is no silver bullet to obesity. Even pills, powders, patches, and surgical procedures have consequences, sometimes fatal. The only sure-fire way to lose weight is to change your diet which means changing your lifestyle. And not for just a little while, either. This has to be a permanent change to get permanent results. How can you expect to lose weight after changing your diet and then return to your previous diet without gaining it all back? This isn’t logical, yet it’s what many people do.

Look, I know this post isn’t all flowers and happiness because the title led you to believe that I had some secret information on losing weight. Well, I didn’t lie: the secret is that it takes time, discipline, and a change in diet/lifestyle. What many people read into the title was an easy or fast (or both) way to lose weight. Sadly, there is no fast or easy way to lose weight. Unless you consider eating tasty and healthy food easy. I did. I couldn’t believe I was losing as much weight as quickly as I was in my first year of my new lifestyle. I wasn’t hungry, I felt great, and the food was amazing (and all home made). I didn’t have to buy pre-made meals or pay some plan. All I had to do was make good food from whole ingredients.

If you are already eating healthy food made from whole ingredients that avoids grains, legumes, and anything with added sugar, congratulations! You’re on the right path! If you are wanting to make a change to lose weight or to get healthier, I recommend looking into Whole30 or The Paleo Diet. They both worked for me, and have been working for over four years. Results don’t lie.

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