Stop Making Excuses for Breakfast

When people ask me about breakfast, I tell them what I’ve been eating 99% of the time since starting my first Whole30: I eat two eggs, sunny side up, and two slices of bacon. EVERY SINGLE PERSON has responded with, “It must be nice to have enough time in the mornings to make breakfast.”

My breakfast for success (delicious and quick!).


Today, I timed myself. It took less than 4 minutes to make breakfast.

Let that sink in. 4 minutes.

How? Well, it does require a little prep on Sundays (or whatever day you prefer to do some food prep). Sherry bakes the bacon in the oven until it’s about 80% done and then lets it cool before putting all the bacon into a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Then, we have bacon to use all week long for breakfast.

I take the 80% cooked bacon and put it on a plate which I microwave for 30 seconds (or a full minute if I want crunchy bacon, like I did this morning).

How I make it happen in 4 minutes

First, I turn on the burner (set to high) with my cast iron skillet oiled with a light coating of coconut oil.

Second, I take two slices of bacon out of the bag, put them on the plate, and put the plate into the microwave for thirty seconds.

Third, I crack two eggs and put them into the skillet.

Fourth, I walk over to the coffee maker and make a cup of coffee. Yes, I use a Keurig. It’s not a forever solution, but it’s what I use right now. It also allows for a quick cup of coffee.

About the time I push the button to make the coffee, the microwave signals me that the 30 seconds are up. I walk over to the microwave and take the plate out and set it next to the stove. I then wait for the eggs to cook, about another 2 1/2 minutes, and then put the eggs onto the plate with the bacon.

Seriously: that’s about 4 minutes of time. I remember it used to take me more time to make oatmeal (waiting for it to get goopy enough to enjoy).

There is no excuse to skip breakfast. On the days I can’t even spare the 4 minutes, I will grab a 200 calorie nut-based grain-free breakfast bar which does a surprisingly good job of keeping me sated until lunch time.

One thought on “Stop Making Excuses for Breakfast

  1. Very smart about the bacon – didn’t know you could do it that way! I am going to have to try that!!

    I do cook a big container of ends & pieces bacon – the whole package – then when it’s all done & crunchy I let it cook then chop up and fill small baggies and toss them in the freezer. When I wanna add bacon to something like brussel sprouts or something I just grab a bag out and toss in the skillet. I also get a big rendering of fresh yummy bacon fat doing this!

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