You Will Either Get On Board, Or You Will Be Left Behind

I am frustrated. I had a civil and short conversation with someone yesterday about obesity and its causes. The person I was speaking to believes that childhood obesity rests solely on the lack of physical activity today. He based his claims on the fact that he drinks a lot of sodas and eats donuts and sweet every day and isn’t obese. In fact, he claims, he’s lost 40 lbs in the past year. Well, I doubt that (because I have eyes), but more importantly, just because you’re thin doesn’t mean your arteries aren’t clogged with cholesterol (see Thin Outside/Fat Inside aka TOFI). I’ve known people who were thin and yet died of high blood pressure and had plaque in their arteries.

I tried to tell this person about how sugar is easily processed, how the liver can create so much more fat from refined sugar vs natural sugar that has to be broken down because it typically contains some kind of fiber. I took a lot more time than I’m taking now in explaining the processes in the body that produce fat, and that our bodies actually need fat for our brains and arteries/veins. Despite all that, he fell back on, “Well, I drink a lot of sodas and eat sweets and I’m not fat, so I will believe what I believe.”

Fair enough; I stopped the discussion, and quite frankly, was taken aback. When faced with facts, irrefutable molecular processes, and physical science, he decided instead to go with, “Well, I’m not fat, so…” The problem and danger of this argument goes back to TOFI.

People who are TOFI are often of normal weight. However, they have low levels of lean muscle, but excess amounts of visceral fat. Excess levels of visceral fat is associated with Insulin Resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease as well as many other related diseases.

Dr Chatterjee (

People who cannot see past their own experiences are doomed to repeat their mistakes and when we are talking about health and fitness, can end up with dire results. I tried and tried, over and over, to lose weight and never could until I considered something I didn’t know anything about and was quite skeptical about. Whole30 and Paleo were foreign concepts to me, and I didn’t really believe they would work, yet they did. And they continue to work for me and millions of others. What doesn’t work? High carb diets.

Either you get to a point where you have to accept ideas that are not your own and perhaps even beyond your comfort zone, or you stay in your little cocoon of bad information and watch your health and mobility decline at a rapid rate. The choice is yours. Do the research and open your mind, and you just might surprise yourself with finding that gem of information that will transform your life for the better.

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