Progress and Perspective

Everyone has days when they’re down for some reason, whether they’re down on themselves, or just down in general. Sometimes, I get down on myself for not making more progress, faster progress, or sometimes not making any kind of progress that I can see at all. That’s why it’s important to keep track of things so you can look back and see for a fact that you’re making progress. Just because the scale hates you doesn’t mean you’re not doing the right things. It just means you have to keep doing them. Case in point: my weightlifting.

I was down on myself for having to deload a little bit after not being able to lift for 10 days. Then, yesterday, I got back to (and in some areas, past) the levels I was at before I had to take the break. This morning, I looked at actual numbers and was pretty blown away by my progress:

Starting: 45lbs
Current: 150lbs

Bench Press
Starting 45 lbs
Current: 90 lbs

Starting: 95 lbs
Current: 185 lbs

Overhead Press
Starting: 45 lbs
Current: 90 lbs

Barbell Row
Starting: 65 lbs
Current: 105 lbs

I’m pretty proud of the progress, and in many ways, surprised. I had the best of intentions with this program, but I didn’t think I could actually continue to make the progress I keep making. Every time I feel like I’m about to hit a wall, I get past it.

Seeing the numbers gives me new resolve and reenergized my motivation. Any self-doubt I had about doing the right thing melted away. I just can’t wait to get back to running as well. THEN, I will be complete.

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