You Only Die Once

But you live every day. I hate hearing, “You only live once.” I have lived many adventures in my 52 years, and I feel that I have as many more left in me. I try to take on as many challenges as I can, and while I sometimes bite off more than I can chew (and fall on my shoulder playing kick ball at work!), more often than not, the experience is rewarding and reminded me that I was alive and living my best life.

Sherry and I at an outdoor lunch this past weekend.

You hear that all the time: “Live your best life.” But what does that mean? Yesterday, Sherry and I were talking about how much I have changed since we met. She said she likes the new version of me better, although she did love the old me. I thought about it a lot after we were done talking about it, and how much not only I have changed physically, but how much I have changed mentally.

I am a happier person overall, now. Sherry told me I used to beat myself up a lot, mostly due to my poor health and lack of fitness. I used to be sad and depressed a lot because of my rapidly declining health. Now, I get sad when I can’t workout, or if I have to skip a session either in the gym or a run. I feel more able to take on any challenge, even if it’s not physical.

I have a better outlook on things in general. I don’t complain as much, I’m more patient, and I find myself actually looking forward to doing things like biking, hiking, and going on little adventures with my wife. We both are happy with eating healthy foods, and actually have trouble with eating non-Paleo foods. Just last night, she got a little mad at me for offering her some onion rings that were served with my steak

Living my best life is taking care of my body through the food I eat and by getting exercise. Living my best life is being open to new experiences, new places, and new activities. Living my best life is sharing those experiences with the people I love, and who mean a lot to me. I feel that I am now, finally, able to live my best life after being a back-seat driver. I’m now in control, and the rewards have been amazing.

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