It’s been a while. I haven’t posted since November due to a bunch of things going on.

  1. Achille’s Heel injury. Still ongoing. It’s finally healed enough that it looks like I can start running again very soon. As in this coming weekend soon!
  2. Shoulder injury. This one is pretty serious. I’m supposed to have a CAT scan for it soon. This has halted all my weightlifting (much to my chagrin, and honestly, a big source of my emotional distress).
  3. Holiday eating. This has been somewhat out of control. I have basically been eating anything I haven’t for the past four years, and I’ve gained some weight.

However, it’s looking great for me now.

  1. Sherry and I are starting a very strict Whole30 again on January 6th, and we will be hitting it just as hard as we did on our first Whole30 over four years ago.
  2. I am starting back into my strict fitness plan. I will go easy in the beginning, but I will be doing something every single day (except Saturdays or Sundays).
  3. My motivation is back. I’m ready to eat well and exercise. Even though I have to be careful with my shoulder, I can start doing other exercises to start getting myself back into the shape I was in prior to these two injuries.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, a joyous winter holiday, and a Happy New Year’s Eve!

Starting January 6th, I will be back with my daily posts about my diet, exercise, fitness, and the mindset I have going into all this and how I keep myself motivated. I hope to see you all here then!

One thought on “2020

  1. Yay! You’re back!! Looking forward to hearing how that Whole 30 goes for you! Hope your shoulder heals up fast and well – maybe swimming could work as an interim exercise?


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