An Honest Try?

This is an article where I will say things that I have never, would never, and will never say to someone to their face. It’s something I think to myself nearly anytime someone tells me that they tried Whole30, Paleo, or Keto and nothing happened. Before you go off on me, I am well aware of and know that all our bodies are different and that our genetic makeup plays a majority role in how efficacious a specific diet will be for us. However, there are a few key things I hone in on when they tell me about their forays into Whole30, Paleo, and Keto. These can be summed up as a lack of full commitment to the diet in both lifestyle change and diet.

These people say things to me like, “Well, I did Whole30 but it didn’t work for me. I just couldn’t get past not having my Diet Cokes, so I still did those, and I never lost any weight or got past the first week.” Or one of my favorites: “I just can’t live with a diet that is so restrictive.” Restrictive of processed foods, sugar, and (here, I’ll admit) grains and dairy. However, there are so many foods a person CAN eat, I don’t see the problem here. Besides, the “Food groups” myth has been debunked for a long time by many sources. Google it.

More things I hear (and yes, I know this post is beginning to sound like I’m a Negative Nancy and snarky, but I hear this stuff every day. Every. Single. Day.) I don’t solicit it, either. People who find out I lost a lot of weight are initially excited because they think I have some cheat code to losing weight. In many ways, I believe that I do, but when they find out that there’s work to be done in changing behaviors, habits, and food content, they immediately put up walls and don’t even want to consider it. For those who have tried, I wonder how hard they tried. How honest are they being not only to me, but to themselves? How closely did they actually follow the diet? Did they actually give the diet a chance to work? Did they get enough sleep? Were their portion sizes reasonable? How often did they cheat? Nothing happens in a day or three. Nothing happens when you sabotage yourself consistently by cheating here and there. It takes weeks or months to get solid progress. It takes discipline. It takes being honest with yourself with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

If you want to get healthy and lose weight, do yourself and everyone around you a huge favor: do the work. Be honest with yourself first. Do what the plan says. Don’t change or modify the diet. Get enough sleep. Add in some movement/exercise. But whatever you do, don’t sabotage yourself or your progress with cheats, and don’t settle for anything other than 100% of your effort. Anything less does you a disservice and is just wasting your time.

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