Whole30 Week Two Recap

This post discusses some things that some people may consider disgusting: body functions. If you don’t want to read about that, you may want to skip this post.

Week two of my Whole30 is over, and I am doing as well or better than I’d hoped for.

The one thing I do that’s against the rules is I weigh myself. Not every day like I used to, but every other or third day. I did weigh myself yesterday, however, and found that I’ve lost 11 lbs in two weeks. That’s fantastic progress, and it puts me on-track to the results I’m looking to get.

As for fitness, my running is getting easier, and although my speed isn’t really getting better, my endurance definitely is. I figure I will work on speed in another week or two. For now, it’s all about getting back to being able to run for 30+ minutes without it wrecking me afterwards. I’m close.

The one difficulty I’ve had is poop. Once again, being more protein-heavy than usual, my stool got really hard and made it difficult to pass. Thankfully, I took some Swiss Criss, and holy smokes, that cleared me out! I took two of the pills, and I think it was only about 30 minutes before I had to go. And then go again. And again. For two days. I think I’m finally past the power-pooping, but holy smokes was that a relief! There’s nothing worse than running when you’re full up and can’t go.

Hunger hasn’t been an issue, and I’ve found that the amount of food I eat is getting smaller, and less volume fills me up quicker than before. This is one of the main things I was looking to get out of this Whole30: A reset in the amount of food I eat.

I haven’t had the Whole30 flu this time, and neither has Sherry. We discussed it, and we think it’s because our bodies have adapted to Paleo so well that going off-plan was the anomaly and not going on a Whole30. That’s why we felt so cruddy before we started this Whole30 and we felt so much better almost immediately after starting.

So, week two is down, and we’re half-way to our 30 days. I’m happy with the progress so far, and I’m definitely thinking I will be able to reach my personal goal by April.

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