Week 3 Recap

Week three ended for me yesterday, and it was a week full of… well, not much, really. Food-wise, I ate only Whole30 compliant food without exception. I never once went off-plan. In terms of exercise, I ran three times. So, I got some exercise, and I ate well, yet one thing was completely lacking: any weight loss progress. THIS is why Whole30 wants you to avoid weighing yourself while ON the Whole30; there will be days or even weeks where you aren’t making any progress on the scale as your body adapts to the good food and weans itself off the high-carb diet. This past week was that week for me.

Feeling great after three weeks on Whole30. Now, just being patient is the tough part.

I’ve been here before. This is my fifth Whole30, so I knew to expect this week, so when it happened, it didn’t upset me or deter me. I was mildly annoyed, but that’s about it. What I also know, however, is that great things are happening in my body, and in my gut. I’m also going to be seeing a big drop again soon in my weight; it always follows a plateau.

If you are like me and like to weigh yourself on a Whole30, then you have to know that there will be plateaus. You need to plant the seeds of excitement in your brain during these times, because the drop WILL come. For me, it always does. Typically, the longer the plateau, the better the weight loss feels when it arrives. Since I’m doing all the right things (food, exercise, sleep), I know that the weight loss is inevitable. Maybe tonight? Maybe tomorrow? In two days? Who knows! All I know is that it’s coming.

So, week 3 was a success. No cheating, no going off-plan, and continuing to lay the foundation for success in getting healthier, getting fitter, and losing some weight.

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