Super Bowl Sunday

This used to be a weekend of drinking, gorging, and watching advertisements with some sports thrown in between. Now, it’s about hanging out with friends, watching the game, and the ads. I no longer drink, and most of the snacking is limited. Well, as much as I can.

The Paleo treats at one of our previous parties.

I know I’ll eat more than I should on Sunday. I’ll eat a light breakfast and a small lunch in anticipation of the grazing I’ll be doing on Sunday. My friends are very thoughtful, and there will be Whole30 compliant foods available as snacks, but one thing will remain: the volume.

Even if the food is healthy, they still contain calories, and I know that I’ll be consuming more than normal. Sunday is also the next scheduled day for me to run, so I might run an extra 10 minutes to add a bigger calorie sink into the mix, but ultimately, I have to prepare myself to be a bit heavier on Monday. Well, at least a little bit.

And you know what? That’s okay. Life is about shared experiences, and Sunday will be one of them. The food will be delicious, the laughs will be hearty, and the experience will be memorable. I will soon forget what I ate, but I will always remember that shared experience of watching the game with friends.

Don’t stop living your life when you’re on a Whole30 or following Paleo strictly. Just make good choices and mitigate as much as you can. I won’t be sabotaging my progress with any cheat items. I’m actually not tempted anymore by non-compliant foods. But when there are a bunch of Whole30 snacks sitting there available and waiting for me to eat them? Well, that’s where my limit is reached.

Have fun this weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with a new post!

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