Back from Training

The start of an early day at drill.

I’m back!

I had a week-long drill with my National Guard unit last week which always puts a damper on my writing for this blog. As you would guess, we’re busy from sun-up until past sundown, with not much time in between activities to write blog entries. In the past, I would pre-write blog posts, but this time, I did’t think I’d need to. Lesson learned.

I ended my Whole30 during this drill, and while I wasn’t able to weigh myself on that last day, I did weigh myself when I got home. Total weight lost: 12 lbs. Not the 15 lbs I’d hope for, but I’ll take it. I do feel a lot better, and I wake up more energized. I have lost a bit in the waist; not as much as I need or wanted, but it’s a step. Glaciers don’t melt in a day. I have 20 lbs more to go, and I know it’s going to take a lot of time and effort.

I ran HIIT for the first time since hurting my Achilles heel back in August. It went far better than expected, and I’ll be introducing HIIT into my weekly routine starting this week. I will also start concentrating more on abs on my non-running days starting this week. My unit introduced me to a bunch of exercises that I’ll be able to do without using my hurt shoulder, which is great!

As for eating, I continued to eat well using nut bars for breakfast. My unit is very accommodating when it comes to my Paleo Diet, and I am proud to say that they ensured every lunch they provided me was Paleo-friendly and actually strictly adhered to the diet. My dinners were also Paleo compliant, as I had control over those. This allowed me to feel good throughout the week. Sleep was something I was careful with as well, and I was able to get 7.5 hours minimum each night.

I have to say that this last drill was my most Paleo-friendly drill ever. It helps when the people around you are doing everything they can to help you succeed. That pours over professionally; I feel like my unit cares, so I put 110% effort into everything I do for them in return.

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