Las Vegas and a Bone Graft

The view from our hotel room in Las Vegas

This past weekend, my wife Sherry and I went to Las Vegas for a Valentine’s Day weekend. We arrived Friday and immediately set upon having a great time. We ate a very reasonable and tasty lunch, but that all went out the window at dinner. We had a large dinner as a Valentine’s day package, and while it was all healthy (save for the dessert), the volume of food was monumental. Suffice it to say that we didn’t eat it all; that would have been impossible. We did sample the desserts, and they were yummy, but again, we couldn’t eat it all.

I actually won at the Golden Nugget playing Blackjack. I really enjoyed this place, and the people working there were all very nice!

The next day, Saturday, started off with a healthy breakfast in the MGM Signature’s Deli. We both had scrambles that were both delicious and normal in portion size (for us). Afterward, we hit the old Downtown area of Las Vegas and did a walking tour which we greatly enjoyed. We even stopped in at the Pawn Stars TV show’s actual pawn shop location. It was neat to see it in person after seeing it on TV for years. For lunch. we ate at Pizza Rock. I know; pizza is not Paleo, but we ate the cracker thin Chicago crust, and the pizza was delicious! We ended up skipping dinner that day. We also visited the Mob Museum, and that evening, we saw Gwen Stefani! It was a great show, and a great end to the evening!

Gwen Stefani on stage at Show 46 of her residency in Las Vegas.

Sunday morning was to be our trip home, but our flight was delayed once, and then a second time when the gate crew notified us that we should find other flights home. Sherry quickly booked us a flight that would get us home later that night with one catch; we had to fly through San Francisco. Fortunately, that flight left on-time, and when it arrived in San Francisco, we were relieved to find that the departing flight to Houston was in the very next gate! We ate a quick healthy dinner and boarded our flight home. We arrived home at 11:30 p.m., but that was okay. We were home, safe and sound.

Our formerly assigned plane (broken down) as seen from our plane bound for San Francisco.

All in all, it was one of the best weekend trips Sherry and I have taken. We did a lot, saw a lot, laughed a lot, and loved a lot. It’s weekends like this that make all the time in-between working worth it.

Then came Monday: bone graft and implant.

Maria, the dental assistant, numbing me up for a bunch of shots.

Four months ago, I had a severe abscess that required removal of a tooth and some jaw bone material that was infected. I had to wait the past 4 months for bone to grow back into the area enough for my dentist to insert an implant for a future implanted tooth. Since the bone loss in the area due to the infection was pretty great, it was also necessary to do a bone graft.

Dr. Caldwell, Maria, and me (with my mouth open.

The procedure went well, and the doctor said that everything went perfectly. Honestly, it was the least painful experience I’ve ever had with a dentist. Seriously. I was shocked that I felt nothing at all. I was a little nervous this time (unlike during the extraction; I’ve done many of those before), so I asked for nitrous oxide. I’m glad I did; it made me feel intoxicated, and took away my anxiety. The best part is that when I was done, 10 breaths of fresh air later, the intoxication effect was gone and I was able to safely leave the office and drive home.

All in all, I did gain a few pounds back after the weekend, but that was to be expected (and I had planned for it). I rested yesterday and ran in the afternoon and felt good. Today, I will restart my weightlifting regimen and see how it goes. If the shoulder can handle it, I’ll be back to working out 6 days a week which will help with burning calories required for a calorie deficit. I’m also back to eating home-cooked food, and tonight, I plan on making something to hold us over for lunches over the next three days.

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