Finally Got Sleep (and Weight Loss Resumed)

It was 39 degrees this morning and that means one thing: sweater weather!

Just as I thought; I finally got a good night’s rest last night, and I dropped weight again. It always seems to go hand-in-hand for me. It’s the one secret ingredient that seems to make the most difference, yet is the one thing that is so often overlooked.

I can’t stress enough just how important sleep is for losing weight. In my own experience, I can do EVERYTHING right and not lose weight if I don’t get enough sleep. I tested this (unknowingly) for a few weeks straight when I did everything right (healthy food, normal portion sizes, regular exercise) and lost nothing. NOTHING. It was infuriating and was demotivating, but I persevered and analyzed everything when I found that the one thing I ignored was the amount of sleep I was getting. When I made the effort to get 7.5+ hours of sleep a night: BOOM! Immediate weight loss. I kept ensuring I slept well each night, and the weight loss continued.

Long story short: get more sleep. If you are in a plateau, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough sleep. If you are, and you’re still in a plateau, then look at EVERY aspect of your program and find where you’re lacking. The body can be complicated to figure out, and it adjusts to changes well, so more tweaking may be necessary to facilitate more weight loss. But there’s always a successful formula to lost weight and get healthy. You just need to do the work to find yours.

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