A Week of Duty

Me wearing my fancy rain jacket because… well, it was raining.

I’m back! Sorry for being gone for a week, but I had military duty last week and I was a bit busy. I was learning about a computer system that aids forward observers in calling for fire support from artillery or close air support from air assets. It was fascinating and actually a lot of fun! The hardware worked properly, and more importantly, the instructor was very good. I scored a 98% on my final exam which made me happy!

As for health and fitness, my wife Sherry meal prepped for me, so most meals were home-cooked. The hotel I stayed in had a kitchenette which made it easy for me to warm up the food. The meals I ate that weren’t prepped were all Paleo-friendly and I made sure to control my portions.

For exercise, I ran and did my push-ups. I ran around the hotel, and on the one day it was cold and rainy, I ran on the treadmill in the hotel’s gym. I felt great, and it was good to be able to continue my fitness regimen.

In the hotel right after a three mile run in the gym.

This week, I will concentrate on some HIIT and distance as well as trying to get back into my weightlifting. My shoulder is more or less better now, although it’s still tender to the touch. I can lift things without pain, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the weightlifting and start making gains again.

Your health depends on how high a priority you place on it. Even though I was out of town, I made sure to keep my health and fitness at the top of my priorities, and even though there was an In-n-Out Burger within a mile of my hotel, I never once went there. I was tempted, but my health and progress is far more important than the temporary satisfaction of a burger and fries.

If you make your health and fitness a priority, everything will fall in behind them, and you’ll find that it really wasn’t so difficult to stay in shape and to stay healthy. So many people say they don’t have time to exercise or they can’t spare the effort in planning meals and eating right. These same people complain about being overweight and being out of shape and wishing there was something easy they could do to reverse both. The reality is that there is no fast and easy way. It’s all done the old fashioned way: eat right and get exercise. Once you get past the hurdle of committing and starting, the rest is easy.

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