Still Doing the Work

I haven’t been shaving every day because nobody really sees me lately.

Even in these strange days of COVID-19, it’s important to keep doing the work. Keep eating well, keep exercising, and staying motivated. I know it’s hard, but it’s these times of difficulty that define our character.

It’s through times like these that we are tested to the limits of our own abilities. Mentally, more than anything, being cooped up and stuck indoors for weeks at a time takes its toll on us. It’s at this time that eating good, healthy food is more important than ever.

Good food fuels our brains, and allows us to function at our best. Being rid of processed sugar keeps the brain focused and strong, and allows us to concentrate better and keeps our emotions in check. Mood swings aren’t a thing for me when I’m not imbibing processed sugar.

One of the best things for stress relief is exercise. I get out and run every other day (making sure to stay wide from anyone else outside) and starting today (again), I’m working out in my home gym on my non-running days. 30 minutes a day is all it takes, and since many of us are working from home (or worse; not working but at home), 30 minutes is a small slice of our time.

The most important reason to eat well and get exercise is to bolster our immune systems. The healthier we are, the stronger our immune system is. Ever notice people who eat well and are physically fit don’t catch colds as much? There’s a reason for that.

I look like a character from the video game, The Division.

The next time you make your provisions run to the store, skip the snacks and foods with processed sugar and try to get more natural, whole foods. Learn to cook some delicious meals from scratch. Your brain and your immune system will thank. you.

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