The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

You hear this a lot in the military, but it holds true when it comes to health and fitness. Every day, we face new challenges, and most are not easy.

It’s hard to stay healthy and fit. Some people will say it’s so easy, and it takes no effort (heck, I may have said in the past that it’s easy), but it requires discipline and motivation.

It’s very easy to fall off the horse, so to speak. It’s very easy to start allowing larger portions or non-compliant foods back in little by little and then before you know it, you’re completely off-plan, gaining weight, and skipping workouts.

I recently had (and still have, to some degree) a shoulder injury that kept me from weightlifting and running for almost two weeks. I decided yesterday to suck it up and just get into the gym at to get out and run. Did it hurt? Yes, but I am pretty sure that the pain in my shoulder is because I keep sleeping on my shoulder wrong, not because it’s hurt.

It’s easy to find excuses to skip workouts, but what defines our success is when we push through adversity, when we push past the pain, and when we push through cravings and temptations. What makes us different from others is that we put in the work. Sometimes that work is as simple (notice I didn’t say easy) as forcing smaller portions and eating slower or just getting into your gym clothes. For me, once I put on my gym clothes, I’m committed. That’s the toughest part for me; getting started. Once I’m dressed, the rest is easy.

We all have challenges. We all face difficulties. What makes you different from everyone else is that you met the challenge and pushed through.

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