Life is Hard: Choose Wisely

Rest between sets.

Yesterday, while weightlifting, I hit a new milestone: I lifted more than my current body weight in a deadlift. I’ve tried to get to that weight for over a year, but three non-exercise related injuries sidelined me and delayed me. Now, I am finally there.

Why do I mention this? Because I’m bragging? No. I am proud of my accomplishment, but I am not putting it out there to make anyone feel bad. To the contrary, I’m putting it out there because it coincides with something I saw my mom post on Facebook this morning:

“Being obese is hard. Being fit is hard. Pick which hard you want, because life is hard no matter how you do it.”

I hadn’t thought of it this way, but it is so true. When I was obese, EVERYTHING was difficult. Getting up out of bed, tying my own shoes, or (heaven forbid) going up the stairs. They were all hard. I decided that I would rather deal with a more disciplined lifestyle and exercise than with the discomfort and pain of being obese. The disciplined lifestyle and exercise are not easier; in many ways, they are harder. But the benefits outweigh the cost, and when I get done with an exercise block, I may be tired, but I always feel satisfied with the work I did.

After yesterday’s great weightlifting session, my run was very “Meh.” My legs were tired from the deadlift, and it was hot out, which led me to a slower runtime than the past three times I’ve been out. That’s okay. There will always be days like that were things just feel harder than other days. Again, I’d rather choose the hard life of exercise and eating right than the hard life of being obese, not being able to be comfortable, and all the illnesses I kept getting due to my degraded physical condition.

You have choices to make. Life is hard, no matter what you choose. Make the hard you choose benefit you.

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