The Dream is Free: Hustle Sold Separately

I saw a cool mug design at this site today (not an affiliate link; I make no money from that site) that really hit home: “The Dream is Free: Hustle Sold Separately.” If what I’ve accomplished in my healthy living journey hits home the most, it’s that it requires work. You’ve got to hustle.

In the past, I made all kinds of goals, had all kinds of plans, and yes, even dreamed about losing weight and getting healthy. That part was easy. The problems started for me when it came to the hustle. It required discipline, motivation, perseverance, and dedication. It required me to stick to the plan TO THE LETTER and to not allow myself to sabotage any progress I made. It required me, for fitness’ sake, to get into a gym and out onto the pavement and move. In short, it required me to hustle, and for me, that was the part I just couldn’t get through.

What changed? For me, there was a “Straw that broke the camel’s back” moment when I tried to tie my shoelaces one morning and found that I could not do so without holding my breath. My gut’s girth was so large that I was unable to bend over and tie my own shoes. That did it for me. Of course, there have been the health scares, the tingling in my toes, the liver enzymes off the charts, my cousin (a PA) telling me that the chances of an early death were elevated due to my obesity, and the diabetes that all contributed to that decision, but looking back, I find it sad that it took physical discomfort to get me to the point where I would actively hustle to get into better health. As if declining health, Diabetes, and the prospect of a shortened life expectancy weren’t enough on their own.

Now, I hustle daily. I hustle by staying motivated. I hustle by being dedicated to eating right and exercising regularly. I hustle by persevering through any adversity put in front of me. I refresh my discipline by looking back at photos of myself and remembering not only what I looked like, but more importantly, how I FELT being obese and unfit. I never want to feel like that again, if I can help it. I will hustle and do what it takes to stay fit and at a healthy weight.

Stop dreaming and start doing. It’s well within your power to find the strength inside you to make your dreams a reality. If you were able to get through high school, get a college degree or an advanced degree, get through boot camp or basic training, attain a certification, or raise amazing children, then you have the power within you to do this. Stop making excuses, stop planning, and stop putting it off. Start now. You won’t regret it; that, I can promise you.

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