A Day of Activity and Adventure

This weekend, my wife Sherry and I went camping at Huntsville State Park in Texas, and we took our Tucktec kayaks and our bikes with us. We were hoping to get some time on the water with our new kayaks, and I was hoping for some trail time with the bikes. Fortunately, the weather was perfect, and we were able to do both!

Breakfast was Paleo pumpkin spice pancakes and sausage made from scratch by Sherry. As always, the meal was yummy and just what we needed to fuel our morning activity: kayaking. We assembled our kayaks (the Tucktecs are foldable which make them easy to store and carry in the back of our 4Runner), and put them into the water. We ended up kayaking for nearly four hours, up one side of Lake Raven and down the other before heading back to our campsite for lunch. I did have one close call; I tried to grab Sherry’s kayak as a joke and almost capsized. My kayak took on a lot of water, and I was pretty wet below the waist, but I was able to get the kayak righted without falling in. It was a scary couple of moments, but it was a good lesson for two reasons:

  1. I was reminded to not mess around when in the kayak.
  2. I learned that the Tucktecs are very stable, but it’s still a kayak, and if you try to do something out of the norm, you can find yourself in trouble quickly.

After kayaking, we were hungry, so we had our standard camping/overlanding lunch of Hungarian “Sport” sausage (known as Gyulai in Hungarian) along with some green onions, red pepper, Paleo bread with butter, and radishes. This quick and light lunch is always just enough to give us some calories without weighing us down.

After lunch, I aired up the tires of the bikes and we hit the trails. This was a challenge, as there are lots of hills with tree roots on them, so while going down them can be bumpy, going up them is treacherous. Fortunately, I grew up trail riding, so for me, it was pretty easy and fun. Sherry had a much more difficult time with it, but in the end, she prevailed and did very well!

After biking, Sherry showered (thankfully we have a Waterport and a Tough Stuff Overland shower curtain attached to the 4Runner) and made us an amazing Paleo pizza dinner. For dessert, we had a Paleo brownie that she made Friday night after our dinner. It was the perfect end to a perfect day filled with activity.

Five years ago, before I did my first Whole30 and adopted the Paleo lifestyle, I never could have even considered a day like this, let alone attempt it. I was so overweight and out of shape that there’d be no way I could safely operate the kayak let alone work my arms for four hours straight. The same goes for the biking up and down those hills and along the trails. Thankfully, now that I’m healthier and fit, the day was great and fun and it didn’t physically waste me. To the contrary, waking up this morning, I felt great, and my muscles were happy with the workout.

When you change your lifestyle and adopt a healthier diet and throw some fitness in there, your entire life follows suit, and things you couldn’t even fathom become realities. I never thought I could be an “Adventure person,” yet here I am, along with my wife, doing all kinds of fun things outdoors. We decided we really enjoyed the kayaks and we will be taking them with us more often, making sure to find places where we can use them in the future.

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