After the Pep Talk; How Did It Go?

My Strava selfie.

On Monday, I talked about pushing through adversity and framing your mind for success, but did I actually follow through with my own advice? The answer is: YES! I did it! I went and did my push-ups, pull-ups, leg-tucks, StrongLifts 5×5 weightlifting workout followed by a 2-mile foot march (aka “Ruck March”) with a 63 lbs ruck sack.

Why was my ruck sack so heavy? It was a mistake on my part. I wanted it to weight about 50 lbs since the minimum weight we have to carry on our timed foot marches is 48 lbs, but I miscalculated and put too much weight in mine. No worries; I still went out there and did the two miles. I even completed it within the required time. For me to pass, I have to complete the 2-mile foot march within 34 minutes and 20 seconds and I completed it in 29 minutes and 50 seconds. Not a lot of wiggle room, but considering I exceeded the weight we need to carry by 15 lbs, I’m okay with my time.

Pep talks are all well and good, and anyone can be a cheerleader. The strength within comes from following that advice; listening to the pep talk, especially when it’s not easy or when it feels like the obstacles are overwhelming. Yesterday, I felt worn out and my muscles were still sore from the weekend, but I pushed through and did it anyway. It ended up being a great decision. I did exceptionally well in my push-ups (I hit my goal of 20+), leg tucks (I did 6!), pull-ups (I did 5), and my weightlifting went better than I thought it would. The foot march also went better than I thought it would with my heartrate staying in the 129-135 range.

Bottom line: I wasn’t really wanting to do the work, but I did it anyway, and as always, I felt better afterward both physically and mentally.

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