Post-Thanksgiving Health and Fitness: Back At It

So, we did it. We got through Thanksgving. But we didn’t get through it unscathed. Like most Americans, I ate a lot more than I wanted to, and although it was 100% Paleo, too many calories means some fat storage took place. This weekend I ate all the things and snacked a lot on the Paleo cookies and other goodies we had (salmon dip with Paleo crackers were amazing!).

It’s easy to beat yourself up about decisions made over the holidays. Don’t do it. At this point, it is what it is, and you can’t change any of it. What you can change is today and tomorrow. So, that’s what I’m doing. Where I am today is a direct result of the decisions I’ve made before today, and I have to accept them to move forward. I’ve made peace with all the eating I did, and you know what? I decided that it was worth it because I enjoyed it and the company of my family. It was a great time, and it was what I needed emotionally. I wouldn’t change a thing. But now, what I need both emotionally and physically is to get back to where I’ve been, at least in terms of eating.

I started off the day with a salmon and egg breakfast made by Sherry. Lunch was her meal-prepped chili, and dinner will likely be meal-prepped gumbo. I’m sticking firmly to the portion sizes and no snacking in between meals. The appetite will be a little crazy for the next few days due to the increased carb count I had this weekend, but I know how to get through the cravings and get back on track.

Even though I lifted weights and ran on Saturday (which made it three workouts last week), it wasn’t (and couldn’t be) enough to counteract the extra calories I took in. Like I always say: you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. So, today, it’s back to the normal grind: I will do my weightlifting and run today. I am looking forward to it, not because it’s going to help me lose weight, but because I have really been feeling like I’m finally fit, and I like how it feels. I like getting into the gym and then onto the road for a run not because I particularly enjoy working out, but because I like how I feel in-between the workouts: strong, capable, and fit.

I know getting back to it after a few days off is tough. But, with each day off, it gets harder to get back to it. I won’t make that mistake again; I’m getting right back to it today and I’m not looking back!

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