Where has PaleoMarine Been?

I’ve been absent here for a while, because I was in military training that kept me from posting. More specifically, I didn’t have access to the Internet, or my mobile phone. I was attending Warrant Officer Candidate School Phase II at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and to say I was otherwise engaged would be an understatement.

Me in my Army Dress Blues with my Officer’s Saber as presented to me by my wife.

It was physically and mentally grueling and exhausting, and emotionally it pushed me to limits I didn’t know I had. In the end, I made it through the worst parts and ended up being appointed a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard.

Moments after being “Pinned” as a Warrant Officer.

All the physical activity I did before attending paid off; physically, WOCS Phase II was easy for me. I did sustain a pulled groin, but that was actually due to a reduction in the intensity of exercise as compared to my pre-WOCS routine. Ironic; I over-prepared, in some ways.

PT at 0500 daily. Good times.

From a nutrition standpoint, the food was generally more carb-heavy than my usual diet, but the increased physical activity (we walked about 6 miles a day at a quick pace marching to and from classes) and the physical training coupled with my portion control and healthy choices kept my weight stable.

The food was actually very good and these ladies were often the only bright spot in our days.

As of last Friday, I’m a Warrant Officer; a technical expert, trainer, mentor, and combat leader. We integrate technologies and create dynamic teams of soldiers. We are given challenging assignments and we utilize education and training to stay on top of our profession (this is all paraphrasing the official Warrant Officer Definition). I look forward to this new chapter in my life and military career, and I can honestly say that the challenge and difficulty of becoming a Warrant Officer makes the accomplishment that much more special.

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