This Week Will See Big Changes

So, it’s finally happening: on Thursday, I will be under anesthesia and will have a medical procedure to remove excess skin from my waist, to remove some fatty tissue that has been reluctant to go away after 6 years, and to have my stomach muscles sewn back together after splitting when my stomach was at it’s largest (when I weighed over 320 lbs, also known as a “Tummy tuck”).

I’m a little nervous. The surgery itself won’t hurt; I’ll be under anesthesia. But the recovery will be long (six weeks) and there will be tubes hanging out of my body to drain excess fluid while I recover.


I’ve written in the past about why I’m doing this. It’s not something I’m doing for purely cosmetic reasons, but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t part of the reason. It is not, however, a procedure done to shortcut any process. To the contrary, it’s because I haven’t used any shortcuts that I’m being forced to have this procedure done. The pain I have while running due to the excess skin is keeping me from taking my fitness to the next level. It is also hurting my self-esteem.

So, this blog will be centered around the procedure and my recovery. I will post before and after photos as well as photos of my recovery. My goal is to document the process for anyone who is interested in the same procedure.

In the meantime, Sherry and I are starting a Whole30. Again. It’s time for both of us. I’ve been eating foods I shouldn’t be eating, and I don’t want to let these bad habits turn into a permanent thing. I’m still very invested in my healthy lifestyle, but truth be told, it’s been tough to get back into exercise and weightlifting after graduating WOCS two weeks ago knowing that I’d have to quit for six weeks while I recover from the upcoming surgery. So, I not only stopped working out, but I’ve had some questionable foods here and there. That all ended yesterday.

So, Whole30 and surgery. Let’s see if it pays off.

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