First Full Day of Whole30. Again.

I forget how many times we’ve done Whole30, but I think this might be the sixth or seventh time. Each time after the first, it’s been to help us get back to basics in terms of our nutrition. It’s not that we slip or fall hard. It’s always just a slight readjustment that needs to take place, but somehow, it always feels good to be back on the wagon. We started yesterday at lunch. Why not breakfast? Because I wanted my blueberry Paleo pancakes! Lunch and dinner, however, were Whole30 compliant.

It’s hard for me to believe sometimes, after all the misinformation, that this is a healthy breakfast. I love it!

This morning’s breakfast was also Whole30 compliant; bacon and eggs with half an orange and coffee. Lunch was Whole30 Picadillo. I am not sure what dinner will be, but Sherry meal prepped a week’s worth of lunches and dinners that are all Whole30 compliant, so I’ll be fine with sticking to our prepped foods.

Emotionally, it gets easier every time we do a Whole30. I think it’s because I am so used to the process and I fully know what to expect. I also know that I don’t do these without a good reason. This time, Sherry and I both needed to get back to brass tacks in terms of our diet in both content and portion size. I was allowing myself larger portions (because I have a serious problem with portion control; I always have) as well as chocolate. I still stayed away from grains, dairy, and anything (besides chocolate) with added sugar, but I have noticed my facial features getting a bit softer as a result of the water retention due to increased sugar intake. It normally takes me 2-3 days for it to go away, so I expect to have my sunken cheeks back by Wednesday or Thursday morning.

The weirdest thing for me and Whole30 is that I actually really like how I feel when I’m on the strict diet. My body really does well with a strict Whole30, and I think that’s part of why I embrace them now so much more than in the beginning. I actually look forward to the mental clarity that the ultra-strict diet brings me. I also like that I don’t get hungry between meals, and that I don’t have cravings for sweets (like I did for the past two weeks).

Is Whole30 for everyone? Probably not. But it works for me, and every time Sherry and I do one, we see immediate results and start feeling better soon afterward (well, I feel better sooner than she does, typically). If you haven’t done a Whole30, I recommend trying it to get you off the sugar addiction most people have (even if you aren’t into sweets, you would be surprised how many non-sweet foods have added sugar in them) as well as helping to identify possible food alergies (my wife didn’t know she had a milk alergy until we did our first Whole30).

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