The Night of Day 12: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

After a shower and a trim of the beard, I feel more human.

I felt like a new person yesterday, in more ways than one. I was able to sit at my desk and work like a normal person, had some moments I used to take very much for granted that proceeded without issue, and then I laid down for sleep. That’s when the trouble began.

I’ve been spending so much time in bed that my glutes get really, really sore. Painful, in fact. It’s not consistent, though, and that’s quite strange, but last night, they were more painful than usual. Enough to keep me awake for most of the night. The hardest part mentally was knowing that, sitting on the table within arm’s reach were opiates that could have taken away all the pain and put me to peaceful slumber. Knowing what those opiates do to my digestive tract, however, have kept me from taking them any further. Constipation coupled with post-operative abdominal muscles do not go well together.

So I laid on my side as best as I could until I was able to get sleep here and there. It worked, although I also have pain on my sides, but it was lesser pain. As I sit here now writing this, my glutes are still very sore, and I have no idea what I’m going to do to help this situation, but honestly, compared to how I felt this weekend, I still feel like I’m two steps ahead. It’s all about perspective.

On a very big plus side, I was able to take a shower alone yesterday for the first time since the surgery and I got really clean; squeaky clean. I found that the skin above and below the incision line is still numb. I’m not sure if that’s from the long-term anesthetic that was put into the tissue or if it’s a result of the skin being cut and severing nerves. Either way, it felt very weird although I have to admit, despite the residual swelling I am still experiencing, it already looks really quite good.

I’m also much more mobile now, which is nice. I can get around the house much more easily, and I can do some simple tasks on my own. I still can’t lift much (like a gallon of liquid is too much weight for my core to handle), but I can at least carry my iPad, iPhone, and a cup of iced tea from room to room. I’m glad I bought a set of dumbbells prior to this surgery; I’m going to need them to augment my free weights to regain the strength I’m losing right now.

So, tomorrow will be two weeks since the surgery. I had a very bad weekend within that two-week period, but my hope is that I’m past the worst of it. I continue to do what I’m instructed to do, and the doctor said I’m healing nicely, so I’m optimistic.

2 thoughts on “The Night of Day 12: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

  1. I’m happy that you are gaining more independence, must feel great! Small improvements will soon morph into big improvements! I am so proud of you! You’ve taken a really tough situation and handled it with grace, optimism and tenaciousness!

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