Eating Well to Heal Well

This is where my wife keeps her recipes for our amazing meals.

Something I think a lot of people overlook when they are recovering from injuries or surgery is their diet. What you eat directly affects how you heal: how fast, and how well. Case in point: my incision scar. When I went in for my three-week appointment, the nurse was amazed at how well my scar is healing. Most people my age heal slower than younger people, and often, an extended period of healing is advised. To the contrary, my scar has not only been healing well, but the nurse had to look at my chart twice to make sure she was reading it right.

“So, it’s only been three weeks?” She asked me.

“Yes, three weeks today,” I replied.

“Wow. It’s really healing nicely. I’d have said it’s at a month, based on what it looks like.”

She marveled at how well I’m healing, even considering my age. I asked her if diet could have anything to do with it, and she replied enthusiastically that diet directly impacts healing, and that many people don’t eat to heal. She said that people who eat healthier foods made from whole ingredients tend to heal better and faster than those who eat fast food or fried foods.

Since that appointment, I’ve also been adding a scar cream twice a day to the incision scar on my abdomen, and it’s been healing up very nicely. I’ve also been very careful with the food I eat, and I’ve refrained from smoking my pipe at all (as nicotine inhibits healing). I’ve had some alcohol on the weekends, but not more than a few drinks, and even then, only on one day per weekend over the past two weekends. All the food I’ve eaten has been healthy.

My wife has been very supportive throughout the process, and that support extends to the amazing foods she makes based on recipes listed on her blog, Our Daily Bacon. All the recipes on her blog are among our favorites, and we use her site weekly to decide what our meals will be for the week.

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