Cleared for Exercise: Morning Run Complete!

Me after my first run in eight weeks.

This past Friday, I had my six-week post-op appointment with my doctor, and she said that I’m healing up very nicely and she cleared me for getting back to my fitness routine. She advised me to start slow and to take it easy, and I’m going to heed her advice.

I started with getting back to my fitness plan by doing a slow 2-mile run this morning. I started off easily and picked up the pace until I was comfortable; not too fast, not too slow, and breathing was easy. I have to admit that when I hit the first mile, I was pleasantly surprised that I was at a respectable “Formation run” pace. I continued on to the second and final mile finishing with 22:54, which is slow, but considering it’s the first time I ran in eight weeks, I’ll take it.

What surprised me the most was that I wasn’t completely worn out, that it didn’t feel like I was running in quicksand, and after the run, my legs weren’t sore. I made sure to walk for about 10 minutes afterwards to let my muscles cool-down properly, but as I sit here now writing this, I don’t feel like I ran at all this morning (like I normally do after a run).

I didn’t hit the weights after my run because I didn’t want to push things. I will likely start hitting the weights next Monday. Tomorrow, I’ll ride my mountain bike for about 40-45 minutes, and then alternate between running and bike riding until next Monday when I’ll add weights into the mix.

I’m going to go back to StrongLifts 5×5, and I’m going to set the default progression to the recommended settings. I will be starting lighter than recommended, as I want to make sure my form is perfect before I start adding some serious weight back in. I want to do all I can to avoid injury or muscle strain.

I didn’t weigh myself this morning, but I know that after the eight weeks of not exercising coupled with this past weekend’s indulgances (it was my birthday yesterday and the holiday weekend), I’m definitely swollen with some water weight. I’ll likely weigh myself on Friday and begin tracking my weight again then. It’s not my primary focus, however; getting fit and strong is.

My doctor told me that I wasn’t going to be as weak as I feared I would be, and she was right. I am relieved that I was able to run for that solid two miles, and I’ll be steadily increasing my distance to 3.5-4 miles before I start working on my pace.

As for how my scar is looking, it’s also healing nicely. I was advised to massage harder on the sides where the liposuction took place as well as on the incision scar itself, which I’ve been doing. My stomach muscle isn’t feeling as tight since I’ve started doing that, and each day, I continue to feel better and better. I still have the numbness on my skin on my abdomen, but from what I understand, that may be like that forever.

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