Knowing You’re On The Right Path

What I’m doing is hard. It causes me to be tired and sometimes sore. There are easier paths in life, but the one I chose was the hard path.

The easy path led me to being morbidly obese. The easy path led me to Type 2 Diabetes, fatty liver disease, worsening vision (due to the Diabetes), tingling in my legs and feet, and circulation issues. The easy path left me breathless after a single flight of stairs and it led me to a mostly sedentary life.

But then I decided that enough was enough when I found I could no longer tie my own shoes without holding my breath. My stomach was too large and got in the way. This coincided with my cousin, a PA, who told me frankly that I didn’t have long to live unless I changed my lifestyle.

So, I chose the difficult path. The path where I had to be accountable to myself for what I ate. This was the path that led me to losing weight. I then continued on that path which led me to becoming physically fit enough to go back into the military after a 20-year break.

The path I am on isn’t easy. The path I’m on often leaves me tired, worn out, and wondering what the heck I’m doing at my age. But as soon as those thoughts creep in, I remind myself that anything worthwhile takes effort. The better the payoff, the greater the effort. It’s not easy, and that’s the point.; that’s how I know I’m on the right path.

4 thoughts on “Knowing You’re On The Right Path

  1. Evening Chief, I’m the guy that commented on your live tok. I’m 45 and as of this past Sunday was north of 300lbs. I have been following you and enjoying your stories. What hit real hard was your vid talking about how you got where you are. I was a paramedic for 20+ years in upstate NY. 9 years ago I quit smoking and was about a big as I am now. I felt awful about myself. I started eating better and going to the gym. Every other day became 7 days a week after work. I stayed there til I burned 1000 calories every day. Then went home to get some rest and do it all again. I lost 68 lbs and felt pretty good. Then my partner and I went and picked up a patient that weighed 450 lbs. I ended up with a hernia which got me pulled from the road and it was easy to put off the gym. 2 Months later I had the repair surgery and a month after they I moved to a new state and lost my gym and let things go. Your story struck home. I’m 45, have diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, anxiety (left over from spending 20yrs on a boo boo bus)etc. I have one of those flights of stairs you mentioned. I am ashamed of how I look and was really at the end of my rope. I’m not saying I wanted to end things, but if I got hit by a bus I wasn’t going to be upset. Then a saw this guy on tic tok who had been a Marine and then ended up looking like me. The difference was he not only got healthy but joined the Army! I thought, “well if this guy can dump the weight and get back into uniform….. dammit, so can I.” I started the next day. Monday was my first day. I’m down 9lbs already. I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore. I don’t have cravings for crap food. I have a long way to go… but there’s something I have now that I didn’t have before. Hope. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you gave me that gift, albeit unknowingly. I hope this time next year I’ll have at least half the success you did. Thank you Chief! 🙏🏻✌🏻🤞🏻

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      1. Hey Chief!
        I hope all is well. Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. It’s been about 6 weeks I think it so since I messaged you. I’ve been sticking to the diet pretty well. As of this morning I’ve dropped 40lbs 308->268. My knees, hips and back don’t hurt so much. I’m not winded when I walk up stairs. Last week I had to stop taking my diabetes meds. My sugar was 66 and they kept bottoming me out. I Haven’t had them in a week and my sugar hangs around 74-78. I can’t begin to thank you enough for inspiring me to follow this path. 40 down 75more to go! Question for you. When your DM normalized how long did it take you to get used to it? I used to run 110-120 so low 70s makes me feel a little wonky. I assume my body will adjust to this new norm. Just curious how long it takes.
        Hope you have a great rest of your day! Much love and god bless!

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  2. Wow!!! This is the most welcome and motivating news I’ve received in a long time!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU did the work!!

    As for how long it took me to get used to it, I’d say a few months. I kept from doing exercise for this very reason; I wanted my body to get used to the lower DM and for it to be more normalized. Once it adjusts, you’ll feel it. You’ll begin to feel restless, and you will actually crave more physical activity and your body will have the requisite energy stores to make it happen.

    Keep on putting in the work, and before you know it, you will reach your goal!!! I’m very proud of you!!!!


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