First Big Run of the Year

OK… so it wasn’t THAT big of a run, but I started off 2023 with a three-mile run. This may sound minor to most people (especially runners), but I haven’t run three miles since at least last February. Instead, I rode mountain bikes almost exclusively with the exception of two-mile runs every other morning while on active duty at Fort Sill.

The sun was very bright, and I needed a shave

I decided yesterday just before my run that I’d go back to three+ miles for my runs because I remember how much better I felt running that distance. Also, the ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) is a two-mile event, and I prefer to train longer distances to make the ACFT seem like a “Short run.”

I will start integrating some sprints sometime in February as my next ACFT is in March prior to an upcoming deployment, and I don’t want to do poorly on it. A lot of eyes are always on me due to my age, and I can’t let my age group down!

Today is a rest day, but tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym for my StrongLifts 5×5 followed by my next three-mile run. I’m actually not dreading it, as I thought I’d be really sore today but I am happy and surprised to find that I am not. To the contrary, I feel more energized and ready to take on my day, my week, and to keep working toward better fitness.

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