Whole30 Day 7 Wrap-Up

This is my exhausted and unshaven face. I need sleep.

What. The. Heck.

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. I need to fix that tonight.

I ate well the entire weekend, and my weight was up a little yesterday and back down a bit this morning. Nothing serious, but again, if I was in Whole30 just to lose weight, I’d be concerned. As it is, I am not. I’m after long-term goals and most of all, I’m wanting to reset my cravings and serving sizes. I’m doing both nicely.

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and three slices of bacon. No fruit or veggies because I don’t want them.

Lunch: Beef and ham rolls with pickle spear served with mashed cauliflower. This was the last of last week’s prepped lunches. The rest of the week will be new stuff Sherry made yesterday.

Dinner: Moroccan Lamb Roast with mashed cauliflower. This is a new recipe Sherry tried, and I loved it! It’s lamb with a bunch of spices, veggies, and even some dried fruit that sat in a slow cooker all day, and it comes out very tender with a very delicate yet layered flavor profile. I really liked it a lot, and I hope she makes it again in the future!

I took a nap after work which helped a lot, and then I was able to sleep in just a little bit since I had to take my car in for its scheduled maintenance which opens later than I normally get to work. I feel great this morning, and I reached a new post-January 1 lowest weight! (NOTE: It is NOT Whole30 compliant to be weighing yourself during a Whole30).

Whole30 Days 4-6 Wrap-Up

file (2)

Day four is done, and all in all, I think it went well.

For food, I had the following:

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and a good-sized slice of ham. This is the same ham I had yesterday that Sherry bought at Whole Foods. It’s really good! Also, coffee.

Lunch: Garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing and a 6 oz Filet Mignon and a baked sweet potato with butter at Saltgrass Steakhouse. My friend Steve and I have steak together on Fridays, and I’m fortunate to be able to eat “Normally” while on my Whole30 by eating steak for lunch. It was yummy, as always.

Dinner: For dinner, we went to some friends’ for dinner, as we alternate between hosting every week. This week was their turn to host, so I didn’t know what to expect for dinner before I got there, but they were aware that both Sherry and I are on a Whole30, and as they are Paleo and have both done Whole30 in the past, they said they’d be able to make a compliant meal for us. The good news was that the meal was perfectly Whole30: sous vide pork with asparagus. It was delicious, and perfectly cooked. Our hosts made a baked pear for a dessert, and we ate it. Normally on a Whole30, you don’t eat dessert, but when you’re at a friend’s home and they make you food, you eat it, especially if they went out of the way to make it Whole30 compliant.

The weekend was pretty good, although Saturday was weird with food.

Saturday Breakfast: I woke up late. Very late. So I ate a lunch we had saved from the week, and ate the beef and pork rolled with mustard and pickle spear that Sherry made served with mashed cauliflower. I snacked on some cashews for the afternoon to get back onto a normal eating schedule.

Dinner: We ate a green salad with oil and vinegar and grilled red snapper with broccoli and sweet potato. It was a delicious end to the day.

Sunday saw us getting back to a more normal eating schedule.

Sunday Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and ham slices. Again, no fruit on purpose.

Lunch: Chili. Sherry was doing the meal prep for the week, and she made her Whole30 Chili which I love. It was a treat to have some of this just as it came off the stove.

Dinner: Sous-vide steak with mashed cauliflower. I put the steak into vacuum-sealed bags with kosher salt and ground pepper and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before Sherry put it into the sous-vide. After it was done there, I grilled it for about 2 minutes on each side to give it grill marks. It turned out to be tender and perfectly cooked medium-rare.

This week, there will be lots of great foods for lunch as Sherry went out of her way to make some of my favorites. I’ll be blogging them throughout the week. As for how I feel, my legs were very sore from the run on Thursday, so I didn’t run on Friday through Sunday. I may get to it Monday depending on how I feel. I was dealing with a bit of a cold and if I’m still feeling its effect, I may put off my run to Tuesday.

Whole30 Day 3 Wrap-Up

I need to find better pictures for these Whole30 Wrap-Up posts.

Day three is in the bag, and here’s how it went yesterday.

I slept only 5 hours, which is not good. I had friends come over last night, and while I had a GREAT time, it meant that I didn’t get much sleep. Oh well; it is what it is. I ran my 3.1 miles, and while it wasn’t fast, it was good to be back out there moving the legs. My pace was 8:52/mile as an average, with a first mile pace of 8:21/mile. That’s pretty amazing considering I haven’t run in four weeks. I added push-ups back to the routine and only did 50, but I’m happy to just be back to doing them again. I hurt my left elbow and let it heal only to then hurt my right elbow just as the left healed up. Unfortunately, the right elbow is still sore, and would likely need about 2-3 months to heal properly, but I don’t have that kind of time to throw away. I have a physical fitness test coming in April that I need to be ready for. It’s just an ache, so it’s something I should be able to work through until April. Then, if I need to, I will rest it for a few months to heal properly.

Yesterday’s food was:

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and a slice of ham. Sherry bought the ham a Whole Foods and was able to find ham that contained no sugar or nitrates. It tastes great, too! Again, no fruit or vegetable with breakfast. I did have a cup of coffee, though.

Lunch: Tex-Mex Casserole. This is a recipe we’ve been eating since our first Whole30, and is so good, we usually add it into the mix during our regular Paleo eating. It has beef and sweet potato and tastes like a taco casserole. It’s one of my favorites, and I always feel full after eating it.

Dinner: Two Sriracha and Jalapeno Sausages from Sprout’s which are sugar-free and nitrate/nitrite-free with red cabbage. Sherry made red cabbage as part of our dinner the day before, and since we had a lot left over, I used them as my side with the two sausage links. It was a great, filling dinner. I just grilled the sausages in a frying pan with a little coconut oil, and within 5 minutes, I had dinner!

I had friends come over for a Thursday night drinking event we usually have, and while they were a little unhappy that I wasn’t going to be drinking with them, they understood and are supportive. It’s nice to not have to deal with social pressure to drink when I don’t want to.

My weight this morning was down to 172.3 lbs which shows that I’m doing the right things. While this weight loss is certainly due to water I’m no longer retaining, it’s also telling me that my body is getting back to where it likes to be; lean. I’m going to call it a victory, considering that I didn’t get much sleep, either. I’m not sure I will get a lot tonight, either. Sunday morning? Oh, I’m sleeping in. You can count on that!

Whole30 Day 2 Wrap-Up

file-1 (2)Day 2 is complete, and here’s how it went yesterday.

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and three pieces of bacon. No fruit or veggies. I guess if I had an apple or a pear, it’d be a perfect Whole30 breakfast, but I bloat when I eat fruit, so I tend to eat it in strict moderation. I got used to eating a slice of bread made with almond flour over the holidays, and it was a great addition to my meals, but it’s not Whole30 compliant, so I’m skipping those.

Lunch: Spaghetti squash with Bolognese sauce. Sherry made this on Monday, and they tasted great today! It’s a perfect mix of meat and veggies. I had a handful of nuts to sort of round out the meal a bit.

Dinner: Sherry made an amazing Wienerschnitzel that was covered in ground up pork rinds. Wow, was it delicious (and completely Whole30 compliant, too!). As a side, we had red cabbage. I had a second helping of the cabbage because I love red cabbage! My serving size was still decent; I swear, Sherry didn’t give me enough the first time!

I feel a bit better today. I still need to run, but it’s still really cold out, and since I’m still getting over a cold, I decided to not run yesterday. Perhaps I will run after work tonight if it’s warmer out than my age. It’s weird that I feel bad for not running. I haven’t felt up to running over the past few weeks, but now I feel like I need it.

As for sleep, I got a lot more than the night before: my requisite 7.5 hours. I feel a lot better today; more rested. As a bonus (and the following is NOT Whole30 compliant), I lost 3 lbs to be back under my max weight for the Army. That’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (pardon the pun).

I want to add that Whole30 is great. It’s a wonderful program to help people reset their appetite, their palate, and to get to a neutral food intake so that it’s easier to determine what foods affect you and how. It is through Whole30 that I learned that I bloat from fruits with a lot of sugar in them (bananas, in particular) and I bloat from the lactose in milk (much like my wife does). Whole30 also stresses that it’s not primarily about weight loss, although many (but not all) people who do a Whole30 will lose some weight. I was one of those; I lost 20 lbs on my first Whole30. This time, I’m not expecting great weight losses, but I do know my body well after two years of eating clean, and I know that when I’m careful and strict, I can lose weight steadily down to about 165 lbs. That’s what I’m after this time. It’s not my primary goal (resetting my sugar addiction/eating habits is my primary reason for doing a Whole30 this time), but it definitely is a secondary goal.

Also, I follow Whole30 as strictly as I can with regards to food and diet. I skip fruit sometimes, but I always have meat and vegetables and good fats. Sometimes an apple or a pear, or maybe even a tangerine, but not too often. The one Whole30 rule I break is weighing myself. It’s a tool I use in gauging my progress overall that I’m not comfortable leaving behind for 30 days. Besides, as a soldier, it’s something that I’m required to track and know at all times. Since my weight is close to the maximum, I need to ensure I stay within the maximum allowed (which as of this morning, I am).

I’m happy with where I’m at after Day 2, and I’m looking forward to Day 3!

Whole30 Day 1 Wrap-Up

file-1 (1)I’m currently on my fourth Whole30. This is a feature I will post daily in addition to my regular daily posts.

For this Whole30, I’m going to do daily posts to discuss my experience. This is my fourth Whole30, and I am already in pretty good shape physically, so I’m certain that my experience will not be the same as someone who is going from a standard high-carb diet, but I’m interested to find out what the similarities and differences are this time as compared to my first time.

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and two slices of no-sugar-added (and nitrate free) bacon. This has been my go-to breakfast since starting my first Whole30 on August 31st, 2015. Nothing new here.

Lunch: Rolled Beef, Ham, and Pickle Rolls with Mashed Cauliflower. This is a recipe my grandmother learned back in the 30’s, and she said it’s the first recipe she learned as a little girl. It’s a very simple yet tasty dish that turns out is very Whole30 compliant (which shouldn’t be a surprise as most old recipes are). This lunch was very filling and tasted great!

Mid afternoon, I was feeling a bit hungry. I snacked a lot over the past two weeks, and this led to some cravings today. It’s not too bad though; I’ll get through it.

Dinner: Buffalo Wings (8) with Paleo Ranch Dressing. I made these for our New Year’s Eve party, and they are Whole30 compliant. I warmed them up in a toaster oven, and they were absolutely delicious. Normally, I eat 10 wings at a sitting, but I have decided that I need to eat smaller portions, so I started with this meal. Oddly enough, I felt just as full, just as satisfied, and I didn’t feel hungry before going to sleep.

All in all, it was a good first day on this Whole30. I don’t have the flu-like symptoms I had the first time, but I did have a headache and I was a bit out of sorts. I’m not sure if that’s because of the weather, post-New Year’s Eve partying, or if it’s Whole30 related. Regardless, I am very much on-board and optimistic about this Whole30.

End of the third Whole30

Yesterday marked the end of our third Whole30. The first Whole30 Sherry and I did was back in 2015. We started it in September, and it kicked off our healthy lifestyle and a weight loss of 150 lbs for me. We transitioned from Whole30 into the Paleo Diet, and it’s been our lifestyle ever since. We started a second Whole30 about six months later, but it didn’t last the duration. I don’t remember why, but for whatever reason, we fell off. It wasn’t such a big deal because we were well aware of the food rules, how to eat, what to eat, and we were continuing to make good progress in our health and weight loss.

About two or three months ago, Sherry told me she wanted to do another Whole30. She said that she had picked up some bad habits such as relying on snacks, desserts, and increased portion sizes in her meals coupled with a slight weight gain and inability to fit into some of her newer, smaller dresses. I agreed to do this Whole30 with her for a few reasons I’ve discussed earlier in blog posts a while back: solidarity, and a desire for me to lose a final few pounds to get to my final goal. Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m now firmly at and past my goal weight. I got down to 162.9 lbs, although my actual weight right now is hovering around 164 lbs. The reasons for this have more to do with muscle mass as my body fat ratio is around 10.5% as evidenced by my abs showing. From everything I’ve read, your abs only show when you’re around 10-11% body fat percentage or lower. There are some days they show better than others, especially after my runs, but I’m very happy with my body composition right now and with my weight. I fit into 31” trousers comfortably, and I can easily wear US small and medium or Europe M/L sized shirts.

Did I learn anything this time around on the Whole30? Not really. I learned what I needed to learn the first time through, but this time it kept me off of some sugars I would have likely eaten, even if they were Paleo-approved. It turns out that even the “Good” carbs can cause me to hold onto water weight or cause me to gain a little weight. Having done this last Whole30 coupled with the running and push ups I do regularly has really been a boon to my weight loss, and put me exactly where I want to be.

What’s next for Sherry and me? More of the same. We won’t be changing much up, although I will now have a little more freedom to eat a Paleo cookie after dinner if I really want one. Being an active runner forces me to eat some carbs, more than I normally would, after runs to help rebuild my muscles, so I will have a little more leeway to do that now. Since I weigh myself daily, I will continue to monitor my weight and analyze the previous day’s food intake and its effect on my body. I know that weight is but a single measure among a host of data points I use to analyze my overall health and fitness, and it’s difficult sometimes to reconcile a little weight gain with a smaller waist size, increased fitness performance, and reduction in body fat percentage. However, when analyzing the overall picture, I continue to make progress and I am surprised almost daily with at least one win in any given area. That’s huge.

Don’t underestimate what a Whole30 can do for you. I know a few people who are starting their own Whole30 soon, and I wish them luck and any help or advice they are looking for. I’m here for you! Don’t be shy; message me, PM me, or email me. Heck, if you have my number, text or call! I want to help you be as successful on your Whole30 as I was on mine. It really is a life-changer if you stick to it properly.

Whole30 Round 3 Begins Today

Today begins another round of Whole30; this time, to support Sherry. She feels that she has been eating larger than necessary portion sizes and sweets (albeit Paleo) in the evenings after dinner and she’s put on some weight she wants to lose. While I’ve been doing well with the weight, diet, and exercise, I need to support Sherry in this. Also, I figure that I could use the clean(er) eating for a month and sort of reset my own diet habits. I’ve been known to eat a few Paleo sweets here and there just because, and that’s a no-no.


I started off today with three slices of bacon and two eggs coupled with the cup of coffee I drink on my way in to work. For lunch, Sherry made three different Whole30 meals to package for our lunches and some dinners this short week, and it turns out that they are actually favorites of ours that we eat even when we’re not on a Whole30. I’ll likely start the week’s lunches off with a Tex-Mex Casserole that I love so much. Dinner is supposed to be some sort of fish (Trout, I think) with asparagus or broccoli.

It’s funny; I know what to expect, and I know that this time around, it won’t be hard at all. The only thing I will miss is the flexibility in having a Paleo-friendly bar or jerky in the afternoon after lunch and before a run, but I will replace that with some almonds. I very rarely need a snack, but I’m finding that on run days, it’s good to have a little extra energy on tap.