Yes, Sugar is the Enemy

If there’s any one thing you should get out of reading my blog, I hope it is this: Sugar IS the ENEMY. In no uncertain terms, and without beating around the bush, I say it loud and clear:


Can I be any more to the point? It’s in foods that should never have, or historically have never had sugar in them, yet the food industry puts it in there. Doesn’t that make you wonder why? I know some of you are saying, “Well yeah sugar is in there; it makes everything better!” Or, “I love sugar in things like bacon, barbecue, French fries, and even my omelettes.” Of course you do! That’s what they wanted to happen. As you get addicted to the sugar, your brain makes the association with the food, and thus you want more. You crave it.

Sugar is every bit as addictive as hard drugs like cocaine or opiates. There have been studies that not only show the similarities, but prove that it works on the brain the same way drugs do. Heck, even the Federal Government has recently started advocating a low-sugar diet instead of a low-fat diet which (Surprise!) it turns out, isn’t the best diet to be on. Why? Because it’s sugar that drives our fat storage, not our intake of fats.

Sherry and I now know first hand what it’s like to kick a drug habit. Both of us have never been addicted to any illegal drugs, but when we both kicked sugar, we went through some serious withdrawals. Our Whole30 experience was a good one, but I’ve said it before that the first week was hellish. For Sherry, it was worse, because she ate more sugary foods than I did, but it was bad for me, too.

I see people online and on Facebook advocating exercise plans and diets that don’t require you to, “Give up any food groups,” and they consider carbs to be a food group. Okay, all carbs aren’t necessarily bad. I have carbs every day, but in very limited quantities. But… But… But… Carbs aren’t a food group!!! Limiting carbs isn’t depravation given all the evidence we now have on how it affects our bodies. I have not been deprived or starving or craving ANYTHING since I kicked my sugar habit. If anything, kicking sugar has liberated me and that is a huge part of why I feel so energetic and why I feel so great.

Anyone can do what I am doing. Anyone. It doesn’t take any special skills. Okay, so maybe you have to be able to read, which, and I’m going to take a huge leap here, but if you’re reading this right now, you can read what it takes to cut sugar. It also takes a few things I’ve mentioned recently like discipline and determination sprinkled with some motivation, but those are things I think all of us have inside of us. It is just a matter of how well we listen to that nagging voice in our heads telling us to do the right thing.

Don’t believe me? Try a Whole30. I’ll be honest: I know people who already ate well before trying it, and honestly, it didn’t do anything for them. For the rest of us who eat anything put in front of us that looks delicious, it’s worth doing. The way you feel afterward will be your motivation. The weight loss and change in your body will give you the discipline to keep going. You will be determined to live healthy, and to eat right.

The only thing holding you back from your own weight loss and healthy life is you. Once you can convince yourself to be all-in, it’s all down-hill from there. I’ve been there.

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