Busy weekend

As Sherry posted on her awesome blog, this weekend was quite busy for us. Friday night, we went out to a Hungarian Happy Hour here in Houston where I got to hear and speak my first language with some new acquaintances. It was nice. Afterward, we went to Corner Table to eat some amazing Paleo food. Saturday saw me doing some chores outdoors while Sunday was visiting with friends. On both days, I ate what is what I would call our new normal, and felt great. On the negative side, I didn’t lose any weight, but I did lose another inch from my waist and I could tell my arms got a little smaller yet again.

I didn’t get to ride my bike since last week due to a very busy schedule, but I plan on getting back on the bike tomorrow morning if the weather is willing. We are supposed to be getting some very bad storms here tomorrow through Friday, so I might be stuck with indoor exercise. I don’t know what that will entail just yet, but I’m looking at basic exercises (push ups, sit-ups, etc).

Keep up the good work out there! I know it’s tough in the beginning, but you can do this.

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