Still at 212 but losing size

It’s been an annoying few weeks sitting at the same weight, but I’ve lost two inches off my waist and size large shirts are feeling looser now. Not quite enough size lost for me to be in mediums yet, but larges look good now.

So, from 38 to a comfortable 36 in the waist. That’s no small feat. I haven’t been in a 36 in a very long time. Once I get to 34, I’ll be back in the same pants size I was when I got out of the Marines. Admittedly, I was on the large size of what was allowed when I got out of the Corps, but at least I’ll be back in the same size clothing as I was in back in 1997. That’s exciting!

I am continuing to try to get some exercise in every day. The past few days were through walking and doing work around the house, or bumming around with Sherry. Before that, it was raining here so I didn’t get a chance to do any walking or bike riding.

So… I’m still seeing progress, although it’s not on the scale. I expect that to happen soon, though. After losing a big bunch of “size” is when I typically start seeing weight loss on the scales again.

Perseverance is the key, here. Sticking with the plan and not even thinking about eating or drinking anything bad is what’s getting me through. Oddly enough, I seem to get a little depressed when I’m not seeing progress on the scale, but getting into the smaller pants comfortably was quite a morale boost.

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