…and now back to losing weight


The cycle is holding: After losing two inches off my waist, I’ve now lost almost three pounds this week in the past two days. I’m now down to 209.9, and that makes it an official 80 lbs lost since September 1. Overall, since I was my heaviest, that’s 102 lbs lost. I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and how little I have left to go. However, I know the hardest part is the last part.

The initial phase of my weight loss was hard only because I had to re-train my brain to get off sugar and I had to learn to listen to my stomach and eat only when I was really hungry. I had to learn to ignore cravings before they went away completely.

The intermediate phase of my weight loss was relatively easy in comparison, and I think of the three phases, will be remembered as the easiest. No cravings, delicious foods, and steady and effortless weight loss (Effortless in the sense that I didn’t have to do any exercise; just use discipline and motivation to not do anything stupid food-wise). All I had to do was eat my regular-person portions and I would lose weight and size. Then came the last third.

I have now entered into the final phase of my weight loss: the last 1/3 of the weight I need to lose. I’ve lost 80 and have 35 more to go to reach my second goal (my first was to lose 50 lbs by Christmas, which I did!) which is to be 175 lbs by my birthday. I have three months to go, and I don’t know that I’ll make it, so I’ve decided that I’m okay with not getting to 175 by my birthday as long as I do it this summer. I will, however, still be trying to get there by my birthday; it just means I have to actually put some elbow grease into it.

First, I’ve started by trying to get 5,000 steps in a day. I know that’s half of what most people do and what the government recommends, but my knees are bad, and for now, as a (still) heavy guy, I need to not overdo it. Second, I’ve added bike riding into my schedule a few times a week. I’d like to get it up to three to four times a week, but I’m not there yet. Third, I try to run a little bit with the dog when we go to pick up the mail in the evenings. It’s amazing what that little bit of getting my heart rate up has done for my stamina, walking up stairs, etc.

When I looked at the scale and then in the mirror, I was happy. I’m looking like I did when I was 30 (except I have a beard, now). My waist size is almost back to what it was when I left the Marines; 34 (I’m currently at 36). When I get to my final goal of 165, I should be back into 32’s which is what I was for the vast majority of my young adult life.

I’m very fortunate that my wife is in this with me. There’s no way I would be as successful at this if she weren’t there to cheer me when I’m down or push me when I need it. Her love of cooking and finding new and delicious foods for us to eat that are healthy for us is a definite help as well. She’s a hawk at finding sugar in foods, and without her on this journey with me, I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I was today.

You should check out her blog if you haven’t done so already. It’s full of great info, thoughts, and recipes for foods that can help you get back to being healthy!

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