Why “Diets” fail

At lunch today, Stevie and I were talking about past diets and why we fell off of them and we came to the same conclusion: food satiety and variety. Most diets are restrictive in some form and require you to either eat a small subset of foods or very small portions. That makes the diet either low in satiety (not satisfying, doesn’t fill you up) or lacking in variety. Think of the Cabbage Soup diet: after a day of that, most people contemplate suicide.

On Paleo, it is true: you have to give up grains, beans, and processed sugar. Some people say that grains and beans should be eaten on a balanced diet, but I (and those who adhere to and follow the Paleo lifestyle) beg to differ. My wife, me,  and many of our family members and friends have been able to lose weight and get healthier by following the Paleo lifestyle without feeling like we’re missing out on anything. We also feel full after eating, and don’t get hungry again until it’s time to eat the next meal (unless we didn’t eat enough at the previous meal).

I haven’t counted calories, counted points, used any pills, patches, or vitamins, or had any surgery or procedure. All I did was cut out grains, beans, and processed sugar. I lost 86 lbs in seven months with no exercise. It’s not magic; it’s a lifestyle. The most important thing about the weight loss is that during the entire journey so far, I’ve enjoyed the food I ate and didn’t have to LEARN to enjoy it; it’s really the same food as I’ve been eating all my life. I’ve also had a huge variety of food that is not only delicious, but fills me up. I can’t say the same about any other “Diet” I’ve been on in the past. And herein lies the major difference. Paleo is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle, and one that anyone can adopt.

That lunch Stevie and I were at today? It was fast food: El Pollo Loco. We had the two-piece chicken meal with broccoli and I had the side-salad without the cheese or tortillas while Stevie had the mashed potatoes. I’m super-full now and I will be until dinner time. That’s how I was able to succeed on this eating plan, and how I’ll be able to continue to be successful.

Oh… and things like having coffee in the mornings helps, too.

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