Flying Post-Fat

This is a completely new experience for me: flying in economy class while not being uncomfortable. Flying as a fat person is a special hell. It involves being both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. I’ve experienced all the indignities of being a fat passenger on an airline flight, from the looks of passengers hoping and praying that I won’t be the person sitting next to them to the embarrassment of having to ask for the extra seatbelt strap. I’ve sat scrunched into seats that felt too small for me, needing to always sit in aisle seats so I could lean out a bit to not crowd the person next to me (all the while getting hit or bumped by every person walking down the aisle and getting banged into by every cart going up and down the aisle). There was also the sweating; partly due to the fact that as a fat person, I was too insulated for being in such close quarters coupled with the high stress I was under. Tray tables? Hah! I could never open one; my gut was in the way. I won’t even get into how cramped and tiny the restrooms felt. I used to love flying as a kid, but as a fat adult, I dreaded it. The experience was something I would stress over.

Now, after losing over 87 lbs since September 1, flying is once again the joy it used to be. Being able to glide down the aisle without bumping into people on either side is nice. The seats are finally wider than I am, and sitting next to someone isn’t stressful at all. As a matter of fact, I flew next to my wife, and since we’ve both lost weight, neither of us were crowding the other (unless it was by choice). The seatbelt fit comfortably and normally (with LOTS of room left over on it!) and when I had to use the restroom, it was roomy and easy to move around in. If there was any true reward for losing the weight; for all the work, effort, and discipline with sticking to Paleo, this trip was it.

People who say that going Paleo deprives them of too much don’t know what it’s like to be able to move around in an area where you were unable to before. I happily will continue to “deprive” myself of foods that are horrible for my body to be able to enjoy things like comfortable air travel. There is nothing so sweet as fitting comfortably into your environment.

Oh… And I was able to write this post while sitting on the plane with the tray table not only folded down/out, but actually pulled out and away from the seat in front of me to bring it close to me. 

One thought on “Flying Post-Fat

  1. Woohoo! Sometimes the small victories count for quite a lot.

    Kind regards, Scott Allen +1 (346) 225-0599

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