Eating Bad Stuff

Over the course of the past eight days, I was as good as I could be. I really was. However, being that we were on vacation in a part of the country where fresh wild-cought seafood is a local delicacy, Sherry and I decided to partake, even if that meant our meals were not 100% Paleo compliant. Our first few meals were Paleo; we left anything that didn’t comply on the plate. After that, however, we decided that while we weren’t going to go out of our way to order “bad” things, we weren’t going to exclude the “bad” foods either. We had some amazing desserts, muffins, and breaded food that we otherwise would avoid. The upshot was that our stomachs rebelled with pain, but with all the exercise we were doing as well as the portion control we were employing, I’m happy to report that my clothes still seem to fit the same.

Something that neither Shery nor I were expecting; we are both looking forward to getting back to our regular diet. Our meals were, often, too large, and the foods were often very rich. Not that our regular food is bland, but it definitely has no sugar in it! It’s amazing how I could taste the foods that had added sugar in it. My lips actually burned a bit! Sherry felt bloated, and I felt sluggish after eating the “Bad” foods. It was enough for me to miss my good ol’ Paleo foods.

It’s important to note that at no point did Sherry and I say, “Screw it. We’re going to eat all the things.” We always considered what we were eating, and we would split portions of foods that were not Paleo compliant. We ate everything in moderation, and on at least three or four days, we ate completely Paleo compliant.

I’ve read on more than one blog that when on vacation or at special occasions, “You gotta live.” Well, Sherry and I did just that; we lived. And we enjoyed ourselves. Now we are ready to return to our regular eating and feeling healthy again.

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