And the scale says…

+7 lbs on Sunday morning. Ouch.

But, like I said in an earlier post, I know how this happened, and I know why, and I am okay with it. Now, I just have to get back to work with eating right and sticking with good foods.

After returning to our normal foods on Sunday, my weight was down 2.7 lbs from the day prior. That’s great news. It means that my body is bouncing back from the bad food and returning to its efficiency and getting back down to the weight I was at before I went on vacation, and then onward to losing more weight.

The important lesson for me (and Sherry, as she and I discussed this) is that we knew what we were doing, what we were getting into, and we knew that we would have to do more work once we got back. Our weight went up, but it didn’t break our spirit or hamper our fun during our trip. Am I sad to see the scale read a higher weight? Of course! But I’m actually excited to be back on our eating plan and eating better foods. Sherry and I talked about how after one day of eating our “good” foods, we already felt better; less bloated, less achy, and more energetic.

I made our standard two eggs and two slices of bacon breakfast this morning and I brought my chili and sweet potato hash in for lunch. Dinner will likely be something yummy either from the fridge (Sherry made three meals yesterday for us to have over the course of the week as lunches or dinners), but the best part is that it will be food that my body likes and does well with. Oh, and I’ll be back to losing weight again.

So… one step back out of 100+ steps. I’m okay with this.

Current weight: 206.6 lbs (up 4.7 lbs since my lowest pre-vacation).

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