PaleoFX and Upcoming Product Reviews

Sherry and I at PaleoFX 2016.

Sherry and I had the pleasure of going to the 2016 PaleoFX convention/show/gathering and we had a great time. We were able to meet a bunch of really neat people, try a bunch of Paleo products, and find others who are into the same lifestyle as we are. Rarely do you get to be in an environment where you’re not the weird one for eating the way you do. PaleoFX was great! Everything at the vendor booths was edible for us, and we tried lots and lots of stuff (much to the chagrin of the scale!).

This week, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite products that I found at the show. I did not receive any of the products I will be reviewing for free; I paid for everything. This is after trying products, and deciding that I wanted to have a longer-term trial by buying and having at home.

Most of the products will be foods while a few will be hygiene or drinks.

Sherry and I didn’t watch any of the panels. It was pretty loud in there, and the way they were doing panels was a seating area in the corner of the Palmer Convention Center in Austin. It’s nice, but Sherry and I decided to focus on the products and booths. The panels, while interesting, didn’t appear to present any new information to either of us based on the schedule and descriptions. We’ve been reading so much about Paleo that, at this point, unless they’re talking about advanced science or new discoveries, we’ve probably seen it, read it, or heard it. No, we’re not experts, but we’re well-read.

We will likely attend again next year. It was a good time, and meeting the founders/owners of many of the vendors was a great experience. These people have such passion for their products, and it was neat to experience that.


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