The Dirt Cacao Mint Toothpaste

At Paleo f(x) this year, Sherry and I visited many of the vendor booths (as many as we could!) and while we didn’t expect it, we found a great new toothpaste that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

I have seen The Dirt original toothpaste which is like a powder, but I hadn’t ever tried it. I didn’t know anything about it, nor did I take the time to learn more. While at the vendor booth, however, I was told about the product, how it came to be, and how it works. On their website, founder Shannon Puma Drake had this to say:

Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a ‘whole foods’ life style based on clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world to craft high quality, beautiful and natural products for women, men and kids too.

What I thought was cool was that The Dirt had toothbrushes to actually try their products. Since I literally just ran out of my Tom’s of Maine toothpaste that morning, I decided to give The Dirt a try since I needed to buy some toothpaste anyway. Enter their MCT Oil Toothpaste.

thedirtWhile their Dirt product is the one that started it all for them, a tooth cleaning powder, I opted to try the MCT Oil toothpaste. The flavor (Cacao Mint) and the form factor (a tube of toothpaste) was more to my liking and seemed to be an easy transition for me from my favorite, Tom’s of Maine. I put on a pea-sized dollop onto a wet toothbrush and almost immediately, I knew this was my new toothpaste. The flavor isn’t overwhelming, nor is it something you taste immediately. It takes a little bit of brushing to release the flavor, but as soon as it does, it’s nice, smooth, and tasty. The best part, for me however, was how my mouth and teeth felt after brushing: minty clean without the sick sweetness of regular toothpastes (Tom’s excluded) or the weird chemicals (why would they put polyethylene in a product to be used in our mouths!). My mouth felt clean, and honestly, probably the freshest I’ve ever experienced. I was sold. I had to buy some, so I bought two tubes.

So, you are probably wondering what MCT is. From the Made Man website, here’s a nice definition:

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides. Triglycerides are also referred to as fatty acids. There are medium and long chain fatty acids. Chain length references the number of carbons chained together in a fatty acid. The medium chain variety consists of 6 to 12 carbons.  There are four MCTs: Caproic Acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) and Lauric Acid (C12).  And our friend coconut oil happens to be the richest natural source of MCTs.

Is there a down side to this product? Well, I will say that the MCT Oil can get pretty solid with all the “dirt” in it, so it can be hard to squeeze out of the tube. This isn’t all bad: it keeps me from putting too much on my toothbrush at one time. I’m wondering if I should have tried their original Dirt instead, but when I get close to running out of my second tube, I’ll buy the original and try it out.

Is it worth trying? I think so. If you’re concerned about the chemicals modern hygiene products contain, the food you put into your mouth, or are just looking for a natural toothpaste that leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, then yes, you should buy some. If you don’t like those things, then skip this advice. But seriously, I think you’d be happy with this product.

You can buy The Dirt MCT Oil Tootpaste on Amazon or from The Dirt website.

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